Do You Get Paid To Do What You Love?
Or do you get paid to do what's required?
Your singular gift of talent will get you from work you need to do, to work that you love to do. 

How do you know what your gift of talent is? We do this with the Genius Talent Discovery Process. 

It not only brings out your talent, but also how you do it, and your why. 

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We Create A Tailored Approach To Ensure You Get The Results You Want!

Team transformational coaching takes your team from exactly where they stand today — to the level you would like to play and perform each and every day. In doing so, your team will release its untapped genius, play in arenas for which you hold a unique advantage, and shift the culture to one where work becomes play…every day.
All progress starts with the truth. What’s the truth about your team, your C-Suite, or your Board?

People are smart. They follow when it feels safe to do so, more so when it feels fun, and even more when it feels safe, fun, and challenging.

How Does The Process Work?

The Problem

The real challenge is that the leader you started out as needs to evolve, grow, and scale faster than the team you are leading. 

Can you do that by yourself? If you could evolve faster than your team by yourself, wouldn’t you already have done that by now?
You have blind spots and can only grow as quickly as you can transform. Your pace of transformation might be the damper on the company’s growth.


Transformational business coaching essentially involves you moving towards the activities you choose, design, and love. 

During transforming, you naturally move away from the activities that have you overwhelmed and overworked.
This coaching holds a high degree of success, a verifiable ROI, and fast results, because it only focuses on your objectives! There exists one agenda only: Yours!

The Solution

What does this investment look like? You’ll spend 3 hours each month, one-on-one. That’s 36 hours invested in yourself each year. 

During that time you’re going to gain the tools to recapture and upgrade 360 hours (10x your investment) from your most useless and frustrating, hours. 

That alone makes your work, your life, and the quality of both, imminently better. This is the power of transformation.
This is what some of our clients have said about the 
Genius Discovery Process
              I realised that I didn't want to be the CEO of the company anymore.  I don't like the tasks that are part of being a CEO of a fast scaling company - it wasn't part of my genius. 

John's process really helped me see that, uncover it and recognise it for myself.

My company is now 5 to 8 times bigger than when I started this work with John, it's running better and I spend less time in it and I'm spending almost all my time doing things I love and that I'm really good at (my genius).

Tucker Max (Co-Founder of Scribe Media)
              John does coaching to assist people in connecting with their unique genius. Like, what makes you tick, what makes you special, what is your unique gift that you bring effortlessly that is of real service and value in the world. It's really valuable to tune in to this and have it honed and clarified and to connect with that, because that's what allows us to really be all of what we are and to create a life around that. 

I highly recommend subscribing to his work or working with him privately like I have done.
Dr Kim D'Eramo (Founder of The American Institute of Mind Body Medicine)
Services and Offerings

Coaching Services

Whether you are the CEO of your team, or the entire organization, nothing provides faster and more profitable results than focused, 1:1 transformational business coaching. 

Shift, change, design, redesign, or completely transform the aspects of your life that no longer hold passion, energy, money, or health…..into activities that you would do all day, every day!

Genius Talent Discovery

Uncover the Genius Talent  for every member of your organization or team. 
Our group of coaches leads every member of your organization in uncovering their own Genius Talent and then they share it with the entire organization. 

Discover all kinds of unleashed power trapped in the organization — often hidden behind roles, or job descriptions. 


Ready to energize your next corporate event? 

Grow, connect, learn, and have fun by engaging a presenter who interacts with the audience, and has the audience interact with each other.

From Fortune 50 companies to EO, YPO, TED, and Vistage groups, John Hittler has delighted audiences and kept them learning for months after the event or meeting.


John Hittler is a transformational business coach whose genius talent is creating seemingly impossible outcomes that address multiple diverse agendas. 

He is also the author of two books, rated 4/5 on Amazon: The Motivation Trap: Leadership Strategies to Achieve Sustained Success (2018) and One In A B1llion: Finding Your Genius Talent (2020). 

Who is John Hittler?

John Hittler is the co-founder of Evoking Genius, a transformational business-coaching firm based in San Jose, California. 

John has worked with over 200 companies and has helped more than 8,000 people discover their unique genius talent. 

He is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, author of The Motivation Trap (2018) and One In A Billion: Finding Your Genius Talent (2020). John is an in-demand corporate and TEDx speaker who resides in San Jose, California.

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