Is CEO Coaching For You?

Whether you are the CEO of your team, or the entire organization, nothing provides faster and more profitable results than focused, 1:1 transformational business coaching. Twice monthly, 90 minutes on a video call, with a dedicated, calendared time slot, you will make progress in designed, evolutionary steps forward. Every step constitutes a “small bet” — an activity that is achievable quickly, and for little or no money, such that you can validate ideas and practices before investing heavily.

Every step also holds two key features: the step will be both safer and more attractive (read more profitable, more fun, or both) than what you are doing currently. We’ll design those steps together, and you employ them between calls. Rinse and repeat over several months, and your transformation occurs quickly and much easier than making wholesale changes. No radical shifts, but evolutionary–measured, designed, and tested.
    • No motivation (because it does not work well).  
    • No psychology (because your obligations occur regardless of your emotional state).
    • No gimmicks or tricks. Just results.
    Instead, you will shift, change, design, redesign, or completely transform the aspects of your life that no longer hold passion, energy, money, or health…..into activities that you would do all day, every day!

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    Some Testimonials

    Tucker Max, Co-Founder of Scribe

    "My company is now 5 to 8 times bigger than when I started this work with John, it's running better and I spend less time in it and I'm spending almost all my time doing things I love and that I'm really good at (my genius)"

    Steven Freidkin, CEO of Ntiva

    "I was skeptical at first, but as I went through this process I learned a tremendous amount. "

    Dr. Kim D'Eramo, Founder AIMBM

    " John does coaching to assist people in connecting with their unique genius. Like, what makes you tick, what makes you special, what is your unique gift that you bring effortlessly that is of real service and value in the world."

    David Grossman CEO Renue Systems

    "I recently found my genius talent through the folks at Evoking Genius. I must say I was very skeptical going into the process thinking maybe I'd come out of this with something that was either very superficial or very obvious - but boy was I wrong! The team at Evoking Genius was terrific and the end product is mind boggling"
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